About JETAA Tokyo

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association of Tokyo (JETAA Tokyo) is a non-profit organization for current and former JET Programme participants living in or active in the Greater Tokyo Area. We are a regional chapter of JETAA International, and received our charter in the spring of 2010.


JETプログラム同窓会東京支部JETAA Tokyo (JET Alumni Association of Tokyo) はJETプログラム【「語学指導等を行う外国青年招致事業」(The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme)】の首都圏の現役または終了した卒業生有志を中心に構成される親睦団体です。弊東京支部は2010年の春にJETAA国際委員会(JETAA-I)による認定を受け、現在までに活動しています。

2014-2015 Officers (2014年~2015年度の運営委員会)

  • Chris Cataldi - Co-Chair / クリストファー・カタルディ - 会長(共同代表)
  • Alexandra Coats - Co-Chair / アレクサンドラ・コーツ - 会長(共同代表)
  • Jennifer Be - Treasurer / ジェニファー・ボリオ - 出納責任者
  • Christian Tsuji - Career Committee Rep / クリスチャン・辻 - キャリア分科会代表
  • Anne Smith - Service Committee Rep / アン・スミス - サービス分科会代表
  • Maruan El Mahguib - Community Committee Reps / マルアンエル・マッシューブ - コミュニティ分科会代表
  • Filmore Ha - Webmaster / フィルモア・ハ - ウェブマスター

Mission / ミッション

Many JET alumni who remain in Japan after finishing their JET terms eventually find their way to Tokyo. JETAA Tokyo aims to provide a forum for alumni living in the greater Tokyo area to come together, support each other and share information. Our goal is to create positive value for JET alumni, and give back to the community we live in through our three pillars: Community, Career and Service.


Community: JETAA Tokyo strives to develop and strengthen a sense of community among JET alumni living in Tokyo. Through public events and cooperative tie-ups with other organizations and networks, we also have the larger goal of contributing to a greater international community here in Tokyo.


Career: For many JET alumni considering moving to Tokyo (or already living in Tokyo), 'career' concerns are top of mind. Through our website, networking events and Mentor Program, JETAA Tokyo aims to be a valuable source of information, direction, resources and support to former JETs who are seeking career advancement in Tokyo at all stages of their careers.


Service: The concept of service, both within the JET alumni community and externally, is a part of every initiative that JETAA Tokyo pursues. We strive to give back to the city we live in by supporting worthy causes, and in doing so, give back to the communities and the country that gave us the opportunity to come here in the first place. 


Mission & By-laws / ミッション及び付則