Now Accepting Officer Nominations

By @admin | 03 Jun 2011 | Announcement

As per our by-laws, JETAA Tokyo will be holding officer elections for our second year at our annual General Meeting on June 29th*. To this effect, we'd like to announce that we are now accepting nominations for this year's officers. If you think someone you know may be a fit for one of the following roles (including yourself!) please submit a nomination with name and position you'd like to nominate them for to elections [at] jetaa-tokyo [dot] org. Please keep in mind that nominated candidates must be a full member** of JETAA Tokyo to be considered for a position.
The deadline for receiving nominations is June 16th, so get your nominations in now! Proxy voters will be notified about candidates once the nominations have been confirmed. If you plan to vote by proxy, you will be able to do so via the website (TBA).
* The By-laws state that the General Meeting is to be held in March, however due to the tragic events of March 11 the date for this year has been changed to June 29th.
** Officers are expected to contribute monthly reports at Steering Committee meetings either in person, via Skype or substitute representative, or by some other method, and as such must live in and/or be active within the Greater Tokyo Area.
Co-Chairs (2) - Moving forward into our second year the Chair and Vice-Chair positions have been revised into the same position. The two Co-Chairs will serve as the faces and contact points for the organization. They will be responsible for over all management, coordination, and promotion of the group where necessary. Candidates for this position must be socially active and possess great leadership ability
Treasurer/Secretary (1) - Moving forward, the Treasurer and Secretary positions have been combined. This person will be responsible for taking and publicizing meeting minutes, keeping track of and reporting the organizations finances, presenting budget requests to CLAIR, and summarizing the year's budget at the General Meeting. Candidates for this position must be well-organized and be able to place precedence on note-taking over discussion at meetings
Career/Service/Community Rep (1 each) - Each chair will be responsible for managing their respective sub-committee. This includes the organization of events, brainstorming and writing (or soliciting) articles for the website, and promoting member participation. They will also be required report at Steering Committees once a month, either in person or by written report. Candidates for one of these positions must be well-organized, creative, and possess good leadership skills.
Communications Officer (1) - The Communications Officer is a new role being implemented this year. This person will be responsible for creating a quarterly newsletter, updating CLAIR/JETAAi when requested, and handling general communications issues (e.g. promoting events). Candidates for this position must be able to use and be active on a variety of social networks.
Webmaster (1) - The webmaster is responsible for site maintenance and development, training officers and content creators on request, and creating posts on request. In addition to these duties, the webmaster is expected to assist officers where necessary (e.g. implementing quarterly newsletter). Candidates for this position must have a) working knowledge of HTML/CSS, at least a basic understanding of PHP, and experience with the Drupal CMS. In addition to these requirements, graphic or web design skills are a plus.

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