Interview JETs in Tokyo and Japan

By @wushunushar | 10 Jan 2014 | JET Tokyo interview


I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield. My research is about JET programme particpants past and present. To sum up my research, it is about the process of identity and how JET's absorb certain Japanese cultural values and reject others, and how this process creates a link with Japan which strongly influences ones memory and nostalgic attachment, and in turn creates an image of Japan. I've been getting many leads, thank you for contacting me.

The kind of interviewing I do requires an in depth account of the individual, which means I need to do multiple follow up interviews. I'm getting to know you as a character and a person and the direction you life has taken. I've actually had more males then females contact me. So now I am looking for specific people only.

1. Anyone from 2007-8 on, who stayed on JET for the full 5 years but did not do anything related to Japan and moved on. Preferably femaile JET(If anyone knows someone like this, could you put me in contact with them?) 

2.Any JET from the 1990's from a minority background, female. Still in Japan.



Please get in touch with me at [email protected] Thanks for your participation and interest. Thanks to all that have contacted me. 


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