2012-2013 JETAA Tokyo Mentor Program

By @Christian | 08 Feb 2013 | Mentor Mentee JETAA

JETAA Tokyo is proud to announce the 2012-2013 JETAA Tokyo Mentor Program. The main purpose of the program is to provide all current JETs and new alumni with a resource for developing their careers in Tokyo. We are offering an opportunity to partner you with mentors from all walks of life. This is a chance for you to seek personal advice and knowledge from an experienced individual who has successfully established themselves as a working professional in the Tokyo area. As a mentee, you can expect the following resources:
- Monthly contact with your mentor through face-to-face meetings, telephone, Skype, Facebook or email (mentees are responsible for initiating contact)
- Advice and suggestions on researching career opportunities in the Tokyo Area.
- Feedback on job search materials (résumé, rirekisho, letters of recommendation, etc.)
- If possible, attendance to the JETAA Tokyo Mentor Program Kick-off in February/March (TBD) and the Program Finale in June/July (TBA)
Please note that internship offers are NOT included within the scope of the program, but may be discussed individually.
Mentees will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be limited by the number of mentors available. The deadline for mentee sign-ups is February 28th, 2013. We plan to assign mentors and mentees within two weeks of that date. To access the signup page, please go here:

We are also looking for mentors from various working sectors with (in principle) five years work experience post-JET and two years in Tokyo. This is a chance for you to build your own resume and leadership skills while giving back to the JET community. If you are interested, please sign up here:


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